ANTIDOT Premium Shoe Spray Deodorizer
ANTIDOT Premium Shoe Spray Deodorizer

The ANTIDOT Premium Shoe Spray is a deodorant spray that’s designed to keep your cleats and shoe odor-free all day long.

Removes odors on contact and is ideal for all professionals players and gym trainers to use.

Features ANTIDOT Premium Shoe Spray Deodorizer

Take your boots off with confidence when you’ve ANTIDOT Premium Shoe Spray Deodorizer, one of the finest boot deodorizer sprays on the market now.

ANTIDOT Premium Shoe Spray Deodorizer
ANTIDOT Premium Shoe Spray Deodorizer

Type and Content

This boot and cleat deodorant spray for use whether you enjoy wearing boots, sandals, flip flops or closed boots.

Prevents odors from sweaty smelly feet and fights the germs that cause these odors. Containing premium fragrance, it’ll eliminate the odors rapidly on contact and will keep your sneakers, boots odors free all day long.

Utilize the spray once a day and you’ll find that the spray will prevent your feet and boot sweating as well as preventing both bacteria and fungus from growing in your boots.

This also helps to prevent a professional’s foot. It contains both antimicrobial and antifungal elements.

The ingredients of this ANTIDOT Premium Shoe Spray Deodorizer are translucent, which removes microbes that remain after you’ve washed your feet.

Remove Fungal

This formula removed both fungal growth and smell that’s caused by dampness.

Translucent formula safe on entire materials is both deodorizing and antibacterial and isobutene.

This ANTIDOT Premium Shoe Spray Deodorizer is very easy to use, you can spray in on your shoes. It’ll reach into even the tip of your toes where germs rend to remain even after washing.

ANTIDOT Premium Shoe Spray Deodorizer
ANTIDOT Premium Shoe Spray Deodorizer


  • Removes odors on contact
  • Helps prevent athlete’s foot
  • Very easy to use
  • Low cost


  • Some customer complaint about the smell, it disappears very soon

Final words

A high efficient boot, shoe deodorizer spray what eliminates both bacteria and odors that cause the odor from sweaty smelly feet.

It’s simple to use and will reach into even the smallest corners of the boots and shoes assuring that your boots and shoes remain odor-free all day long.

Contain premium fragrance and translucent formula which will help you to manage bacterial and fungi infections and keep your feet dry, clean and fresh smelling.

The dual-action formula will help to prevent professional’s boot and foot if you utilize it on a regular basis.

Last updated on April 1, 2021 8:43 am