Kaps Insoles for Men & Women Shoe Inserts
Kaps Insoles for Men & Women Shoe Inserts

Your Kaps No-trim insoles are rightly sized for both women’s and men’s shoes.

With Ultra-Fresh and Carbonex, these are right antibacterial and smell fighting replacements for stock insoles.

Their low profile design will not clutter up the shoe and make it stronger.

With natural vegetable Tanned sheepskin, Kaps insoles are suitable and PVC free substitutes to stock insoles for shoes that stay relax, clean-smelling all day.

Kaps Insoles for Men & Women Shoe Inserts
Kaps Insoles for Men & Women Shoe Inserts

Features Kaps Insoles for Men & Women Shoe Inserts

Ultra-fresh: An antibacterial technique containing zinc pyrithione, which stops bacterial growth to keep your shoes safe and fresh.

Carbonex: A breathable foam with an active carbon that catches odor-causing molecules enduringly, plus Carbonext foam does not deform so it keeps foot support even after a full and tiring day.

Natural vegetable-tanned sheep leather: Change fake and humanmade inserts with insoles crafted using classical, artisanal methods and plant-based tannic acids, for fit PVC-free insoles.

Low profile and non-trim sizing: Sized and shaped mainly for men’s & women’s shoes adding brogues, pumps, evening shoes, and year-round footwear, plus the low profile would not make your shoes fit tight.

Legacy: Produced in Europe by a family business with decades of experience in the insole shoe craft.

Kaps insole advantages

Help existing foot disorders

If you are a person who already experiences discomfort and pain in the feet regularly, insoles may be capable of supporting treat the situation.

Insoles are generally used in the treatment of conditions like toe pain, Knee pain, Plantar Fasciitis, Achilles pain and more.

We advise you to talk to your doctor or chartered physiotherapist before attempting to treat a disorder as there are lots of different kinds of insoles out there, all doing different yet similar things.


This advantage is quite simple. You will be just all round a lot more relaxed.

Think of that time you got home from work with a sore foot and planned to cancel plans because you required to give them a much-required rest.

Well, conditions like these could be a thing of the past when you better your full relaxation level.

Stops foot conditions from developing

One of the most significant reasons to wear insoles to keep the feet relax and stop the development of foot disorders.

Insoles have the special capability to absorb foot force, be it walking, standing or running.

This patented smart stuff cushions the foot when moved gradually, but on the impact, the stuff locks combine to absorb and disperse power before fast returning to its flexible state.

Shoes last longer

One of the most significant advantages of using insoles is financial.

Using insoles can decrease some of the wear and tear suffered by boots, meaning they can support you for longer, meaning you have to purchase fewer shoes.

Not only that but wearing old worn-out boots can lead to pain developing over time, such as back pain because of an issue with the posterior chain caused by imbalances lower down the legs.

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