LAVIEAIR Shoe Dryer Review
LAVIEAIR Shoe Dryer Review

The LAVIEAIR Shoe Dryer is a four-tube piece of equipment that utilizes heat and forces air to dry shoes, garments, and gloves. The switch controls both blower and temperature.

It stands almost 22” high, by 10” full 10” in depth.

Features LAVIEAIR Shoe Dryer Review

The extension tubes can be eliminated when not required.

Since it decreases dampness in gloves, shoes, helmets, boots and other garments, it also reduces any odors.

LAVIEAIR Shoe Dryer Review
LAVIEAIR Shoe Dryer Review

How does it work Shoe Dryer?

The LAVIEAIR Shoe Dryer will dry most boots or gloves in 2hrs. Since it utilizes heat that dries up any moisture, it neutralizes any smell.

If you utilize the two tubes, it’s possible to dry two pairs of shoes at once.

Since the air is gentle warm but not hot, you can utilize this to dry delicate materials such as GORTEX without the issue of shrinking or scorching.

The unit comes with deep instructions that give sample times for different conditions. The device can be utilized with a timer and an on and off switch also.

The LAVIEAIR Shoe Dryer is an economical but efficient unit for drying clothes. It’s simple to use and with the timer feature set, it’s foolproof.

It can be turned on for 3hrs at a time. The equipment is compact enough to adjust in most areas.

One issue with the equipment is that the extension tubes pull out when eliminating heavier shoes.

The extension tubes snap back in, but this is very annoying.

One more con is that the forced air blower is somewhat noisy, particularly for smaller apartments or homes.

LAVIEAIR Shoe Dryer Review
LAVIEAIR Shoe Dryer Review


  • Let your gloves, boots dry, or shoes within two hours
  • 250-W engine and heating coin
  • Four sections and separate tubes
  • Can set the clock somewhere between 0 and 180 minutes (this is very helpful)
  • Help to remove smells


  • Must be set on a flat area



Removes dampness and sweat from your shoes, gloves, and boots to keep them dry and odor free.


Warm wind goes through tubes to dry shoes, gloves, and boots without making any bothering sound.


Continuous drying your wet gear within 8-12 hours, 36 watts only, less electricity than a standard light bulb, save more energy.


Help protect your gear. No damage caused to your gear investment.

Suitable for all kinds of material, including leather, rubber, vinyl, neoprene, canvas, synthetics, fleece, microfiber and more.


Final words LAVIEAIR Shoe Dryer Review

After reading this LAVIEAIR Shoe Dryer review, we hope that you might no longer have to leave your shoes or boots in the sun or next to the heating and dry to make them dry partially.

Any electric shoe dryer is worth the money if they’re going to help you save effort and time.

With this LAVIEAIR Shoe Dryer, we believe that you’d be capable to narrow down your choices and select this to keep your items forever in the finest conditions without bacterial and unwanted smell.

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