Meltonian Boot and Shoe Cream Polish
Meltonian Boot and Shoe Cream Polish

Like Saphir, Meltonian is one more classic shoe polish company and one you might have heard of before – if your father favored a cream-based shoe polish, then there is an extremely fine chance it read Meltonian on the tin.

Features Meltonian Boot and Shoe Cream Polish

It is a soft cream formula, making it extremely simple to work into leather than wax-based shoe polishes and even most other polishes creams while imparting a subtle matte rather than ultra-glossy shine.

Meltonian Boot and Shoe Cream Polish
Meltonian Boot and Shoe Cream Polish

This cream does keep some synthetic materials – namely petroleum – the cheapest polish does, that is no deal-breaker, particularly at this price, but keep in mind that it is not quite as fine for complete grain leather as all-natural formulas.

None the less, it’d dead simple to utilize is even somewhat simpler to work into the leather and reconditions leather extremely well without leaving behind excess residue.

Meltonian Boot and Shoe Cream Polish are available in a range of colors and colored polishes are not necessary to help your boots retain their luster, but they can add some amazing color and patina to boots and shoes and other leather items that are work out or ones you would like to darken up a little.

Colored polish is also remarkable for getting rid of scuffs and scratches.


  • Soft cream formula
  • Easy to use and work ideally into leather and does not residue behind
  • Collection colors
  • Best value for the money


  • The partially synthetic formula is not great for leather as all-natural polishes

Final words

If you are looking for a cream-based shoe polish that is simple to use as it is very smooth on your wallet, it does not get better than this Meltonian Boot and Shoe Cream Polish.

Cream and polish may seem like the same thing, I mean, both just remove dirt from the surface, right?

While that may be their basic function, the two have very distinct features in terms of usage.

Let us look at a shoe polish first. It is the day of your best friend’s wedding.

You put on your most classy suit. Dab on your favorite spicy-scented cologne. But when you take out your best pair of boots, they look worn and dull.

So, you get your tin of shoe polish and brush it onto your boots. They are glossed over, they look shiny, and your whole look resembles James Bond. Time to go impress the ladies.

Shoe polish contains wax. The wax creates a layer around your shoes which fills in any imperfections.

But, when the layer fades, and the shine dulls, the scrapes and scratches remain.


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