PEET - Advantage 4 Shoe dryer – Fast drying Process
PEET - Advantage 4 Shoe dryer – Fast drying Process

If you’re searching for the shoe dryer that efficiently combines the dryer fan, dry ports, and air chambers to circulate air warm air without sacrificing a lot effort and time, then this is your perfect appliance.

Features PEET – Advantage 4 Shoe dryer

This is because it has the ability of drying shoes in 4hrs maximum.

Also, its fan-powered hence making a whisper quote process.

Ideally, it also features four hours timer and LED readout for further convenience.

With smart technology embedded in this appliance, neutralizing causing bacteria and contaminants has been made possible.

PEET - Advantage 4 Shoe dryer – Fast drying Process
PEET – Advantage 4 Shoe dryer – Fast drying Process

It’s made to eliminate moisture, bacteria and the bad smell quickly from your gear.

This advantageous dryer deactivates viruses, bacteria, mold, and some other toxin and helps in extending the lifespan of your shoes or boot.

What you can dry?

With 4 of the PEET dryer unique Dry Ports, you can dry any mixture of shoes, boots, gloves, hats and other items.

The max heat of this is 105 degrees F, and it is safe for every material, including PVC, leather, rubber, canvas, cloth, fleece, micro, and all modern fabric.

Many buyers note that this PEET – Advantage 4 Shoe dryer thoroughly dried their helmets, gloves and helped maintain their form as compared to putting the gloves in a conventional clothes dryer.

Forced air drying system with additional features

The PEET – Advantage 4 Shoe dryer utilizes a forced air drying feature that dries your boots, shoes and other garments in under 4hrs, depending on the size of the item and how wet it’s.

This dryer includes a switch that provides you the option of heat or gentle heat. It also has a timer with virtual readout showing the minute’s seta and those remaining for max for 4hrs.

2-year warranty

Unlike several shoe dryer manufacturers that typically provide a money-back guarantee or 1-year warranty at the most.

PEET dryer guarantees your boot dryer to be free from any issues in material and workmanship when utilized under usual conditions for 2 years.


  • Quick-drying process
  • Affordable
  • Durable material


  • Heat issue

Final words PEET – Advantage 4 Shoe dryer

Whether you are heading to the mountains to ski, river rafting, contributing in other sports events, or simply traveling in humid or hot weather, a travel shoes dryer that especially fits in your luggage is a remarkable option for drying shoes, boots and other things in our hotel, cabin or even in your vehicle.

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