Odor Eaters Spray Powder

Odor Eaters spray powder comes in a four ounce bottle and it’s here to prevent athlete’s foot. It gives protection that lasts longer than similar products, it prevents and eliminates odor and it has anti-fungal properties too. If you need twenty four hours protection, Odor eaters powder spray is an excellent choice. Spray powder sprays on clear, you just need to take the cap off and to apply powder into area you need to protect.


No matter if you need a solution for smelly feet or for stinky shoes and sneakers, and if you want to prevent wet sensation on your feet during hard day’s work, Odor Eaters powder spray is very effective and useful. Spray is easy to use and easy to apply.

Odor Eaters foot spray is definitely something you want to try. Maybe you’ll not notice less odor in shoes if you use this spray alone, but this spray works very well for athlete’s foot and for smelly feet. If you want to eliminate odor from your old running shoes, don’t expect miracles. Odor Eaters foot spray is a deodorizer great if you need to protect your feet from wetness and if you want to get rid of odor. It’s efficient against athlete’s foot and it has twist lock cap.

Don’t worry about the mess when you need to spray your shoes, spray doesn’t leave stains and it doesn’t fly all over the place. Spray is not intended for internal use, it contains tolnaftate 1%. Ingredients of spray is flammable, so don’t use it near flame or fire. You must wash your hands after use.


First, you need to shake a bottle. If your goal is to prevent athlete’s foot, wash your feet slowly and gently and then apply small layer of Odor Eaters spray. You can do it only one time or two times, when you wake up and in the evening. Also, don’t forget to apply the product between your toes. If you walk a lot during the day, wear shoes with enough air flow.


For maximum results, you can use Odor Eaters insoles. There are several models by Odor Eaters, IThere are two general models of insoles available – Ultra Comfort and Ultra Durable. Ultra Comfort insoles eliminates odor and prevent wetness. Insoles are comfortable and you can use them whenever you want, they contain baking soda which is famous for anti-odor properties.

For the ladies, it’s recommended to use Odor Eaters Insoles Soft & Slim Women. For perfect fit and nice feeling in women’s shoes, these insoles eliminate odor and wetness, they are soft and gentle, and also very thin. These insoles control odor and you can use them for your bare feet. Dimensions of this product are six inches by four inches by four inches, they weigh only two point four ounces and they don’t come with scent. Insoles are comfortable and they work well in eliminating odor and smell.


Odor Eaters foot spray powder can be used for both smelly feet and stinky shoes, and if you want to achieve maximum results you need to use it according to instructions. It’s efficient and it lasts long for everyone who walks all day long and for people who play sports regularly.

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