Angelus Easy Cleaner Kit
Angelus Easy Cleaner Kit

Best for any person looking to shoe their shoes clean and perfect.

The Angelus easy cleaner paired with the Angelus cleaning brush is an unstoppable mixture.

The premium Microfiber towel is best for wiping away suds and dirt while leaving behind no residue.

One of the top shoe cleaners including suede and nubuck.

It will also job on other materials such as canvas, plastic, or even use it to clean your carpets.

A concentrated formula that comes in a big 8 ounce to provide you the top cleaning power.

The best sneaker cleaner cleans both the soles and sidewalls rightly.

A multi-objective shoe cleaner that gets rid of grime and dirt safely and simply.

Tough enough to take care of those stubborn stains, and rid your shoes of grime and dirt.

Angelus Easy Cleaner Kit
Angelus Easy Cleaner Kit

Features Angelus Easy Cleaner Kit

  • Comes with 8oz Angelus easy cleaner and a four medium bristle brush
  • Safety cleans dirt on nubucks, suede, rubber, leather, nylon, satin, Gortex, plastic, canvas and vinyl.
  • Can clean up to ten pairs of shoes with this Angelus simple cleaning kit
  • The brush is soft enough that it will not hurt leathers, mesh, like the air max or yeezys.
  • Comes with a four medium/hard nylon bristle brush best for cleaning your shoes and other items safely and rightly.
  • Angelus easy cleaner suede cleaning kit safely cleans surface dirt on buck, leather, suede, nylon, linen, vinyl, plastic, satin and canvas.
  • This shoe cleaning kit is safe for nylon, leathers, mesh and more.
  • Can clean up to ten pairs of shoes with the 8oz bottle
  • The brush is normal enough that it will not hurt or snag your materials like the Air max or Yeezys. This is still difficult enough that it works right to get the surface dirt out.
  • Angelus simple cleaner is made in the USA

Conclusion Angelus Easy Cleaner Kit

One of the top suede sneaker cleaners on the market.

It is designed to job on most leathers, canvas, stray, and vinyl.

A multi-objective cleaner that will even take care of your carpets.

The big 8oz bottle makes sure you never run of cleaning power for all of your prized shoes.

Keep your shoes clean and well cared for will keep you a lot of cash in the long run.

The best shoe care cleaner will include years of life to your sneaker laundry, leather boots and shoes and everything in-between.

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