FootFitter Ultimate Shoe Brush Set, 10 Piece
FootFitter Ultimate Shoe Brush Set, 10 Piece

Those who already own the best shoe kit but need to spread their brush collection should consider this kit from Footfitter.

This eight-piece set contains German-made brushes for cleaning, polishing and daubing perfect leather shoes.

It also comes with 2 brushes designed for use with nubuck and suede shoes.

These charming brushes use cocoa, horsehair, brass bristles and nylon.

FootFitter Ultimate Shoe Brush Set, 10 Piece
FootFitter Ultimate Shoe Brush Set, 10 Piece

Product description FootFitter Ultimate Shoe Brush Set

FootFitter horsehair shoeshine brushes

The FootFitter horsehair shine shoe brushes are:

  • Outfitted with sewn-in hundred percent horsehair bristles for reduced shedding
  • Crafted with a curved body and finger grooved sides for excellent grip
  • Safe for use on subtle stuff
  • Perfect for removing dirt materials before polishing

FootFitter Signature shoe shine daubers

The FootFitter shoe shine signature daubers are:

  • Packed with hundred percent horsehair bristles
  • Made with an extended, relax grip handle
  • Perfect for applying creams or polishes evenly to detailed footwear
  • Perfect for use on all stuff

FootFitter Coco bristle brush

The FootFitter coco brush with bristle is:

  • Spec ultra stiff coco bristles
  • Perfect for only cleaning stuck-on debris and dirt from the soles of shoes.
  • Capable to restore grip and stability to worn soles

FootFitter nubuck & suede brush

The FootFitter nubuck and suede brush specs:

  • Brass any nylon bristles for cleaning and reviving suede and nubuck naps
  • Thick rubber bristles to remove scuffs on the midsole and welt
  • Rounded rubber protrusion dig dirt from crevices and sides

FootFitter microfiber shoe shine clothes

FootFitter shine shoe cloths are:

  • Made from every perfect microfiber
  • Lint and gentle free
  • Cut long for sufficient stretch and high buff shine.
  • Best for use on all stuff
  • Dimensions: 20.5 in x 4.5 in

FootFitter 4-in-1 Nubuck & suede tool

The FootFitter four-way nubuck and suede tool specs:

  • Mixture nylon and brass bristle side remove stubborn trash and surface imperfections
  • Strong stain eraser to rub away stains and scuffs on more delicate fabrics
  • Rubber crepe tool to get rid of big deposits while evenly restoring nap

FootFitter seven shoehorn

The FootFitter seven shoe horn is:

  • Made of powerful stainless steel
  • Made with a hole for linking string for hanging
  • Forged with a relax curve design
  • Helpful in prolonging the life of shoes by saving the structured back from bending


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