How To Clean White Shoes

We all know that white shoes are hard to clean and to keep them clean. But, we all want white shoes look like new. If you have at one point or another struggled with washing your shoes and getting rid of foot odor, you don’t have to worry any more. In this brief, I am going to guide you on how to clean white shoes and make them look as new as you bought them.

What to use to clean you white shoes?

I bet you have been using shoe cleaners to clean your sneakers, boots and loafers. In this case, you need to find a dedicated white shoe cleaner in the market and purchase it for the task. Different shoes brands often sell their branded shoe cleaners. What this means is that you can always find a shoe cleaner on your nearest shop.

How to do it properly?

There are several methods you can use to clean your shoes. Some of these methods are described below.

Use warm water and soap

You can choose to scrub your shoes with soap and warm water. Soap and warm water works well in almost all shoe types including white leather. If you want to avoid use of a soap, you can use white vinegar instead. Add about five milliliters of soap until the water is soapy and then use a shoe brush to stir the cleansing solution until it has completely mixed.

Using a magic eraser to clean the soles and other rubber pieces

With your soap solution, you can still be able to get dirt from every corner of the shoe. Dip an eraser to the water and use it gently on your shoes. Target any part of your shoe that is made of leather, lubber or plastic and wipe in back and forth motion. Keep washing in back and forth motion until all the dirt is completely removed. If you don’t have a magic eraser, then you can rush to your nearest store and buy one.

Scrub stains using a soft shoe cleaner or brush

If you want to use another very effective method that will equally get rid of dirt, then use a soft brush or a shoe cleaner. Dip it to the soapy water until the bristles are wet. After that, work the bristles in small circular motions until all the dirt is erased. Just bear in mind that you aren’t supposed to use brushes with hard bristles because it can damage the shoes. Just use some pressure to apply cleaner into the shoe.

Wash your shoelaces

Most people will tell you that they don’t remember to wash their white shoelaces separately. However, washing them separately is the wisest idea. Get them out of your shoe and use a soft brush to brush them separately. You can even wash them with bleach if they are stained.

Pat the excess water from the shoes

Now you are done with the washing process and you are supposed to pat the soapy water off of your shoes. You can use a towel to do that. Place the shoes on the towel and touch the sides gently. Just avoid moving the towel across the shoe because you may spread the dirt again. Keep your shoe in a warm place for some time for it to dry and you are good to go.

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